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What is a domain name?

A Domain Name is the title of an internet entity. Examples of domain names which are familiar to us all would be the names of the tech companies, and social media sites.

Along with the actual name, there is also what is termed a ‘top level domain’-this is the section of the domain name that comes after the Dot.

So, a full Domain name is a title, followed by its top level domain: google . com, for example.

Each domain name is also a numerical address, on the machine level the servers and computers all recognize the English domain names as being a sequence of numbers, like a house address.

Domain Name Servers, or the ‘DNS’ part of networking convert the English domain names into these numerical addresses – what is broadly referred to as ‘Masking’. People, human beings, are much better with working with names, as opposed to numbers.

So, in very simple terms, a Domain Name is a title of ownership, and an address which forms the organizational structure of the internet.

A domain name is an address where anyone on the internet can be able to find you or your business when they type on a browser. It has an extension like .com or after it. For example softnet’s domain name is



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